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1C at maximum speed

  • Free demo access

  • Custom server configuration

  • Servers in Russia and abroad

  • Turnkey migration and modification of 1C by ML Cloud specialists

  • Server replication and backup

  • SPLA licenses

  • External IP address

Public cloud 1C

  • Virtual servers in the public cloud ML Cloud

  • Flexible configuration and ample scalability to suit current business needs for stable and fast operation of 1C

  • Pre-configured ready-made virtual machine configurations

  • Possibility to test the performance of the solution for free

  • Guaranteed Performance

Public cloud 1C

Private cloud 1C

  • Dedicated computing hardware with a fully fault-tolerant architecture

  • No minimum period for using the service

  • Full control, management and distribution of computing resources

  • Hardware resources are isolated and dedicated to a specific client

  • Ability to manage and distribute resources (oversubscription management)

Private cloud 1C

Why 1C hosting in ML Cloud is more profitable

CharacteristicHosting 1COwn local 1C server
Service availabilityHighLow
Risk of information seizureLowHigh
Technical support 24/7YesNo
Reliability and security of informationHighLow
Emergency service shutdownPossiblyNo
Fault toleranceHighLow
Expansion of resourcesDynamicSlow
ObsolescenceNot affectedSusceptible
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